Congratulations to 6 of our Joeys, 3 of our Cubs and a lone Venterur on achieving their peak awards.

The Joey Promise is the first peak award our 5-7 year old scouts can achieve. We had 6 worthy recipients achieve there’s in the past 6 months.

The Grey Wolf Award is the next peak award in the Cub section for our 8-10 year old scouts. We have 2 worthy recipients from the Cub section.

At this time, there’s no Scouts with an Australian Scout Award (previously ASM), but there are a few working on theirs now – so stay tuned, we will see some awardees soon!

Lastly, in our oldest section, we had a single Queen’s Scout recipient – the peak Award for Venturers. Unfortunately, our Queen’s Scout awardee has now moved onto Rovers! Well done Emma!

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